Dr. Hilt Tatum

Dr. Tatum is the world-renowned scholar and innovator in the field of implant dentistry. He has dramatically broadened the scope of what is possible by introducing techniques such as the lateral access maxillary sinus graft and the expansion and grafting of bone to provide solid sites for placement of dental implants. His emphasis on the maintenance of adequate blood supply to the involved tissues and using remote incisions serve to make bone grafting and implant placement predictable. At the same time, he recognizes that, although failures will occur, the possibility should not deter general dentists from using implant dentistry in their practices and appeal to younger dentists in the start of their careers. He believes that the general dentist already has the basic tools that can be successfully applied to the practice of implant dentistry and one goal of the residency is to build confidence.  Dr. Tatum is a charter member and Past President of the Alabama Implant Study Group.